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Welcome to the mind palace, a place in your mind you can go to in order to work through your personal troubles and issues. In the mind palace you will encounter your inner voice who will give you a tour. However, when a commotion is heard outside the tour is interrupted in order to go investigate. From the top of the castle tower, it becomes apparent that the castle is being bombarded with paper airplanes. Who is throwing these planes, and what do they want?


If you are playing the experience using Oculus Rift HMD, then almost any interaction in the experience is done by pressing any button.

In case you don't have an Oculus Rift HMD and you are playing the experience using your PC, then all interactions are done by pressing Space button and spatial orientation is done by using your Mouse.


We are looking further to receive feedback from the community since we are still looking for various way to improve our projects. That is why we welcome any valuable input, comment, bug report or feature suggestion that you can provide.


Created during Semester in Alternate Realities at Simon Fraser University based in Vancouver, Canada. Our design challenge for the semester was to create 4GOOD - and whether it is possible to achieve certain positive desired shifts using immersive VR experiences.  The team behind this project and few others was comprised of classroom of 18 people and was developed through two epics using Agile and Scrum. We had two public user testing sessions during which we received feedback and refined our concepts in iterative fashion.

This is an exerpt from the SIAR website:

These works were created by students from different SFU departments who joined our Semester in Alternate Realities. The works are part of an emerging field of development and research that use VR and other emerging technologies to increase aware­ness and be a catalyst for improving our world. These projects are the culmination of 14 weeks of an intense, iterative, agile, reflective and adaptive teaching and learning process. Four distinct yet interconnected “for good” Virtual Reality experiences focused on themes related to improving the social and environmental condition, by not only drawing awareness to issues in the world that require our attention, but also providing unique first-person experiences that we could not have without immersive technology.


Amber Shao, Vlad Ryzhov, Alex Aguilar, Ana Karen Martinez, Elene Wanner, Ioana Sandor, Jonathan Lee, Leo Danenkov, Lukas Ritter, Nicholas Ramsay, Nick MacKay, Oliver Aung, Qiuli Wu, Radu Orlandea, Ricky Lalli, Robert, Sheri Wong, Zoe Temple-Sandison and our professors and mentors Bernhard Riecke and Patrick Pennefather


3D models used in the project:

Shaders used in the project:

Music used in the project

SDKs used in the project:


Siege for Oculus Rift v1.0 124 MB
Siege for Windows (Regular 3D) v1.0 124 MB
Siege for MacOS (Regular 3D) v1.0 143 MB

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